Reclaiming Me

A Workbook Mini-Course for Women Healing From Trauma

Has Trauma Stolen Your Identity?

"Reclaiming Me" Workbook mini course for women recovering from trauma

If so, unfortunately, you're not alone! Trauma has a nasty habit of turning everything upside down and changing every part of us right to our core level. The person we were before no longer exists, but as the fog starts to clear, it's not uncommon for us to realize we have no idea who we are or where we belong anymore.

Yet here we are trying to navigate a world that looks and feels so different than it did before. What may have once been easy now feels grey and muddled, kind of like trying to escape from prison under a blanket of dense fog. The process can leave us as women feeling lost, confused, resentful, and perhaps even stuck in a place we didn't want and didn't ask for.

It's time to take back your power and discover the amazing person you are now! "Reclaiming Me" is here to help you do just that. This quick and easy course can help you reconnect with yourself and better understand the role that trauma has played in the breakdowns and disconnects so you can break free and start moving forward.

Reconnect With Yourself!

Who says trauma recovery has to be painfully hard? This self-paced workbook mini-course offers women a simple, but powerful resource to safely and easily begin peeling back the layers of trauma, reconnecting with themselves, and reclaiming their identity after trauma shattered everything.

  • Get acquainted with the beautiful you that is waiting to emerge after the devastation of trauma.
  • Combat negative thoughts and ideas by learning what trauma really is and the impact it has on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being even many years later.
  • Create a clear plan to help you make the next right steps for you in your recovery journey
  • Suitable for women who are just starting the trauma recovery process and those who've been at it a while, but struggle to break out of the invisible prison of triggers and shame.

Check Out What's Inside

  • A powerful self-paced course that can be completed in approximately 1 hour
  • Short, insightful exercises designed for self-reflection and empowerment to help you dig beyond the surface and explore your thoughts, beliefs, desires, and needs.
  • Easy to use digital document format you can print and complete by hand or keep on your device and work through it digitally
  • Visually enticing layout
  • Packed full of useful tools to help you identify where you are now, what's going well, and what areas might need some more work
  • A complete roadmap to help you move from beaten down to shining bright!

What Others Are Saying...

"I was on the trauma roller coaster for many years. Once I finally got off, I didn't bounce back like I thought I would. When I saw this course, I was skeptical and didn't think it would help much. But it was cheap and I was desperate and figured I had nothing to lose. So I bought it anyway. I'm so glad I did! This workbook is a gem. It's like having a personal guide right there on my screen helping me find my way through the fog and figure out what I need to know and what I need to do next."

"This workbook was so helpful! I’ve been in recovery mode for a while, but I haven’t been able to make much progress. I learned so much about myself and about trauma that I never knew before. I took it at my own pace and did a little bit at a time so I could let it sink in. I'm so pleased I did. It didn't take long to finish and it gave me the tools and insights I needed to get back on track! Seriously, if you’re feeling stuck or lost and need some guidance and support, get this book!



Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I'm Diana. I'm a wife to one hubby, mom to three (now adult) special needs kids, and a trauma recovery coach for women seeking to repair the damage trauma caused in their lives and rebuild a happier and healthier future.

Two of my kids joined us via adoption and came to us with a mile-long trauma history that includes all kinds of things no human should ever experience. All three kiddos have learning challenges, and my daughter is also an amputee through no fault of her own. On top of that, we've been through all kinds of other drama that introduced us to the oh, so cunning world of narcissism and narcissistic abuse.

Unfortunately, we've been through it all. Physical trauma, emotional trauma, medical trauma, school trauma, religious trauma, work trauma, and we've dealt with more narcissists than we can count.

After many rounds of traditional therapy with many different providers as we tried desperately to find answers, but not really getting anywhere productive, I realized there were missing pieces in how trauma is understood, managed, and treated.

My mission is to take all I've done and learned and help other women climb out of chaos, restore hope, reclaim peace, kick the trauma monsters to the curb, and rebuild a life of healthy happiness for themselves and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will anything be mailed to me?

No. You'll receive a digital PDF document via email after full payment for the course is received.

How do I complete the course?

You can either print the document you receive and complete it by hand or you can download the file to your own device and save it just as you would any other word-processing document. If you choose to use the digital option, be sure you're doing your work on the file saved to your device, not the original that was mailed to you. That way you can save your work. If you opt for printing, please note that the purple digital fill boxes will not print.

How much does it cost?

This course is valued at $27 USD. If I happen to be running a promotion on the product, you'll see it reflected on the sign-up page when you click the button. Promotional pricing doesn't last very long, so if you see it, be sure to take advantage of it before it disappears!

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