Coping Skills Toolkit

Free printable reference guide featuring 25 easy-to-use ways to calm down, settle your nervous system, and take the heat off tense situations and triggers.

Easy to Use

Simple, easy, and effective tools that can be used by anyone at any time and in any place to interrupt trauma reactions, calm your entire nervous system, and allow emotions and trigger responses to quickly settle down.

Change the Outcome

Use these tools on a regular basis to help prevent tense situations from escalating into a crisis that creates more trauma and stress for everyone. Learn to be the calm that helps calm everyone down.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Build resilience and calm your own nervous system as you learn to use healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress, tension, anxiety, and relationship conflict, even when emotions are running high.

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The first step to trauma recovery (and surviving high-intensity situations) is learning to manage stress and calm your own nervous system. Grab this handy guide to help make that happen!